Friday 30 September 2011

Margaritis / Lunardi drive with double-pole closer to title Dream final of the ADAC GT Masters Championship at Hockenheim.

Margaritis / Lunardi drive with double-pole closer to title
Dream final of the ADAC ​​GT Masters Championship at Hockenheim.
The ADAC GT Masters Championship is gearing up for an exciting finale at Hockenheim
Showdown in perfect weather. The championship leader Alexandros Margaritis (27, Cologne)
and Dino Lunardi (32, F) are equal at the finish line of the title fight two
Stockings in her hand. They secured the BMW ALPINA B6 of LIQUI MOLY
Team Engstler the first two grid positions for the race on Saturday and
Sunday. But the closest rival Ferdinand (20, A) and Johannes Stuck
(24, A) have to be run in the title fight far from beaten and
Reiter Lamborghini Gallardo in the two races of the three positions and
Keyfacts, Hockenheimring Baden-Württemberg
Circuit length: 4,574 meters
Weather: sunny, 27 degrees
Pole Position Race 1 Saturday: Dino Lunardi, LIQUI MOLY Team Engstler
BMW ALPINA B6), 1.40,111 Min
Pole Position Race 2 Sunday: Alexandros Margaritis (LIQUI MOLY Team
Engstler BMW ALPINA B6), 1.40,076 Min
Dino Lunardi secured the first pole at the finals in the ADAC GT Masters
At the start of qualifying for the first race on Saturday laid Ferdinand
Stuck in front. The closest pursuer of the league leaders took the first
serious personal best was, but then Sebastian Asch (25,
Ammerbuch) in a Porsche 911-a-workx Akrapovic replaced. But the son of
Touring Car legend Roland Asch, who is also in a Porsche final
the "League of the super sports car" was allowed to start, not length about the best time
. forward Dino Lunardi was fastest on his lap at 0.289 seconds
faster than the Schwabe and secured in the French
important qualifying of the season's first pole position in the FIA ​​GT Championship.
"Not so bad, right?" Lunardi laughed after qualifying. "Our engineering
has placed us in an absolutely perfect car, and has tried to
Pressures put on us in the championship battle, completely hide. "Side Lunardi
Ash starts from the first row, stucco goes into the race from row two. "I
had a very good qualifying, "said the youngest son of racing legend
Hans-Joachim "Christmas cake" Stuck. "We have a good starting position. Morning
and on Sunday it will be very exciting! "
Two drivers by surprise Mario Farnbacher at GT premiere
For a surprise was the ADAC Formula Masters talent Mario Farnbacher
(19, Ansbach) in Italia Ferrari 458 Farnbacher Racing ESET. The youngest
Son of team manager Horst Farnbacher will start the first driver in an ADAC
Masters Weekend in parallel in the ADAC Formula Masters and the FIA ​​GT Championship.
The cost in the "league of supercars" succeeded Farnbacher place on the grid
four with flying colors.
Margaritis makes perfect starting point for the title
In the second qualifying session did Alexandros Margaritis his teammates Lunardi
gradually made the perfect qualifying result with another Pole
Position for the perfect title contender. At the start of qualifying for the race
Johannes Stuck on Sunday was at the top, but then had his
Title Margaritis opponents admit defeat. Margaritis improved his
Best time even further, thus securing the match ball in the title fight."We
none were on track in qualifying this season as strong as here, "said a delighted
the former DTM driver Margaritis. "Better run, it can not, and the
Rest is up to us now all alone. "Johannes Stuck starts on Sunday next
Margaritis from the front row, flanked by team-mate Peter Kox (47,
NL), who made his rider-Lamborghini Gallardo on the grid. Of the
Positions four and five start two Callaway Corvette in the last ADAC GT
Masters races of the season. Philipp Eng (21, A) was 0.053 seconds faster
when the former Formula 1 World Championship runner-Heinz-Harald Frentzen (44, Neuss).
Difficult situation for the ABT-Audi drivers and Ludwig Mies
The most difficult situations of the six pilots in the ADAC GT
Masters are still competing for the title, have Christopher Mies (22, Holy House)
Luca, and Ludwig (22, Bonn) in their Audi R8 by ABT Sportsline.Mies starts
together with team-mate Christer Jöns (24, Ingelheim) from positions
ten and 18 in the two races, Ludwig and teammate Jens Klingmann
(21, glues) take the finals of the positions of eleven and 23 in the attack.
ADAC GT Masters live on TV
The finale of the ADAC GT Masters 2011 at the Hockenheimring Baden-
Württemberg is the free to air TV channel on Saturday and kabel eins
Sunday at 11.45 clock live in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
transferred. The sports channel SPORT1 sends highlights of the ADAC GT Masters
the Hockenheimring in the ADAC Masters Weekend magazine on 8 October at
13.30 clock.
ADAC GT Masters Presse.
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