Tuesday 27 October 2009

Winter Endurance Championship.

Winter Endurance Championship in Zandvoort -The Netherlands
Porsche 997 CUP S- Profecional TEAM and TOP coaching.
4 races 4 hour each race. 2 drivers per car.
07 November 2009- 07 January 2010- 07 Februari 2010
and the last race at 07-March 2010.

Enjoy a very good championship ina profecional way , we are waiting for you!!!

Monday 26 October 2009

TOP Team and TOP Auto for season 2010.

2-Porsche Sport Super CUP
3-VLN Nurburgring
4-GT Masters
5-24 Hour/Nurburgring/Spa Francorchamps

Please contact us for a very profecional race development in Europa.

Race with Champions Race with us!!!

Porsche 997 CUP S Available for season 2010.

Friday 23 October 2009

New Budgets 2010!!

We are working to have clear the new budgets 2010 for the following races.
1- Porsche Super Sport Cup
2- VLN- Nurburgring
4- GT Masters of Europe.
5- Le Mans Series.
6- 24 Hour Nurburgring- 24 Hour Le Mans- 24 Hour Spa -FIA GT.
Race with Champions - Be a Champion...-Race with us!!!!