Wednesday 30 November 2011

, European Le Mans Series will propose a 6 event calendar,


For its 9th season, European Le Mans Series will propose a 6 event calendar, with five races held on
circuits chosen for their very selective layouts that will highlight the competitors' driving skills.
The season will begin on the 9th and 10th of March with the official testing session on the Paul Ricard
HTTT (High Tech Test Track) circuit. All categories will be able to attend: LMP2, FLM (Formula Le Mans),
LM GTE Pro, LM GTE Am and GTC (the new category launched in order to offer to new teams and new
drivers the opportunity to access the GT Endurance world at a European level for a limited budget).
The 6 hour races format will remain, still with the aim to optimize exposure and TV broadcast of the
series, provided through a live production.
The first event of the 2012 season will be held on the 30th ‐ 31st of March and 1st of April. As tradition
has it, the first round, the 6 Hours of the Castellet, will take place on the Paul Ricard circuit (in the
5,8km specification) and will establish the first ranking of the season.
After this first round in Provence, direction Belgium and the Zolder circuit (located between Brussels
and Liege) that will welcome a European Le Mans Series event for the first time from the 18th to the
20th of May. The 3,977 km long track offers alternately long straight lines and tight turns that drivers
will have to take carefully in order to avoid crashes.
Mid‐July, the middle of the season will be reached for the competitors by attending the 6 Hours of
Donington, in the heart of the UK, from 13th to 15th of July. Witness of historical fights of the Formula 1
World Championship and Moto GP, the 4,023 km long track is famous for being very fast and very
selective. The 2006 European Le Mans Series competitors keep great memories of it. The younger
drivers will discover the long series of very quick curves.
After the summer break, the 4th round of the season will be held on 7, 8 and 9 September on the Brno
circuit in Czech Republic. The track will host European Le Mans Series for the first time. Located 200km
from Prague in the southeast, Brno is the country’s second biggest town. Drivers will discover one of
the most sinuous tracks of the season (13 corners) in which precise driving and setups will be the keys
of success.
The season will end on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of November, on the Algarve circuit, in the South of Portugal:
a 4,692km long track, very sinuous, where the series has already been in 2009 and 2010 for night races.
At this date, Organisation has not yet decided if the experience will be repeated in 2012.
2012 European Le Mans Series Calendar
At the end of the season, 6 invitations to the 2013 24H of Le Mans will be offered to the winners of the
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Tuesday 29 November 2011

Race of Champions on 3 and 4 December in Dusseldorf: Sebastian Vettel: "I can not wait until it finally goes off "

Race of Champions on 3 and 4 December in Dusseldorf:

Sebastian Vettel: "I can not wait
until it finally goes off "
The appearance of Sebastian Vettel in the last year been like a triumphal procession: The
Heppenheimer came in 2010 as a newly minted Formula 1 world champion to Düsseldorf
could save themselves from expressions of sympathy, interview and autograph requests barely. In
This year, he puts something extra: a grandiose Formula 1 season as he has recently
Complete Formula 1 double World Champion ever, and himself a place in the Olympus
the motor sports icons retracted. Now comes the ambitious Red Bull driver, who by the way the
youngest driver on the grid is the big show-down in the ESPRIT arena: Together
Michael Schumacher, he wants the fifth title in the ROC Nations Cup in consecutive
Bring order. In individual competition, he wants this time finally come to the final. In the
Conversation he said: With all professionalism he is looking forward to the competition with thieving
the best pilots in the world.
?: Could you describe how it felt last year in a
to enter the closed stadium before the home crowd?
Sebastian Vettel: "It's almost magical - a bit like a football game in a
full stadium. Something really special. "
?: How big is their anticipation of a repetition of the home race?And what would you
the fans say, have not yet decided whether to come or not?
Sebastian Vettel: "All those who are undecided should definitely for ROCBesuch
. decide I personally can not wait until it finally starts. This
Event is something completely different than what we are in Formula 1, World Rally Championship or
other categories of motorsport experience. This is because so many drivers from the
different countries and disciplines compete against each other and enjoy each other
have. A great event for motor sport - and the feeling of competition and fun -
very close to bringing to the fans. Here they have the chance to meet the drivers, or even
ride a lap with them. In my eyes an unforgettable experience. "
?: Last year you seemed from winning the World Cup title still intoxicated than you to
ROC came. Was it a little quieter this year? And you think that the ROC
therefore enjoy even more?
Sebastian Vettel: "It is a bit different because I already won the title in Japan
and did not at the last race. This does not mean that we are now less harsh
. fight We have fought to the end to enter wins, because that's
what we are about. out of every race, the maximum "
?: How much has the great Formula 1 season, you have passed by since the year
same time have laid, changed?
Sebastian Vettel: "I've learned from my first title. I am now a little quieter
and possibly self-conscious. If you win a title, you prove that you are the
Have stuff to achieve that goal. But people should not misunderstand that and
believe that I am now able to handle any situation to be away easily. I must
still much to learn and it is the constant accumulation of experience that makes me a
makes better drivers. "
?: If you had to choose, what would you prefer? The fifth victory in the ROC
Nations Cup and finally to win the drivers' title at the Race Of Champions?
Sebastian Vettel: "I won the ROC Nations Cup four times and am using this
Result, very happy. This is similar to the Formula 1 Constructors' World Championships, where
fighting for a common goal. But I'm definitely the goal, and the drivers' title at the
To win Race of Champions. "

Media-Team Race of Champions

Michael Schumacher: "Who cars, music and action like, for which there is no alternative to the ROC "

Race of Champions on 3 and 4 December in Dusseldorf:

Michael Schumacher: "Who cars, music and action
like, for which there is no alternative to the ROC "
Michael Schumacher takes the Race Of Champions Nations Cup as the defending champion.
When the Fight of the national teams on Saturday (December 3) takes place, then it is jointly
Sebastian Vettel try to get the coveted trophy for the fifth consecutive year.
The reputation of the team speaks volumes Germany: unite the nine world titles
both to itself - it seven to go it alone "Schumi", the so (and in many other
Statistics) of the most successful Formula 1 driver of all time. In the interview, he cast a glance
ahead of what's happening next weekend.
?: How it felt last year, before ESPRIT arena in the closed
to begin a home crowd? If you get anything as a driver of the atmosphere
to feel?
Michael Schumacher: "Driving in a hall is simply sensational! The emotions are
intense, you can hear the fans and they can literally feel - a lot of fun. For us, the
very unusual and therefore I am convinced that every driver that really
enjoys. The whole atmosphere is just great. "
?: How big is their anticipation of a repetition of the home race?And what would you
guess the fans who do not yet know whether they should come or not?
Michael Schumacher: "Well - seems to me the whole is always a bit like a
Become toy race track, the reality is. The event is always very
entertaining and is definitely a cool way to spend the weekend.For all those who
Cars, music and action may, there is no alternative to this weekend
Race of Champions. "
?: Even in the years 2007 to 2009, when you're not a Formula 1 driving, you were
the Race of Champions at the start and have shown great performances. What makes the
ROC for you so special that you wanted to be sure, even after your retirement here?
Michael Schumacher: "Ultimately, it is not so much the desire for competition, I always
can come back here, but much more fun and good time with you
other drivers spend. During the season we all have to be focused more fully.
Therefore, it is simply nice to be here even once has the time to say, "Hey, let's
tonight go together one drink. "This does not alter the fact that we all
are professional drivers: The moment in which the visor is folded down, everyone wants
win only one of us. But the Race of Champions is just only one aspect. "
?: What do you think of how much they have in the two years since its Formula-1-
Comeback changed as a driver?
Michael Schumacher: "You mean, since I am the 'business' again seriously pursuing? Well,
has definitely changed that I know the team better and that I am more involved.
Sort of thing. And - yes, first I was certainly a bit rusty. But in the meantime
it runs much smoother again. I am convinced that Mercedes and I reach
are, what we have set ourselves. "
?: If you had to choose, what would you prefer? Another victory in the ROC
Nations Cup and finally to win the drivers' title at the Race Of Champions?
Michael Schumacher: "The celebration of Sebastian has evolved into a very funny
Tradition developed. Therefore, I would be absolutely happy if it would succeed, the ROC
Nations Cup to win again - even if the party that usually cause
states that the next day we in the drivers' competition with certain health problems
have to fight ... "

Media-Team Race of Champions

Friday 25 November 2011



The FIA Action for Road Safety campaign received a substantial boost last weekend as the drivers and manufacturers of the World Touring Car Championship voiced their support. Assembled in Macao for the final rounds of the 2011 Championship, they posed for a group picture with the Action for Road Safety banner.
"Road cars have made huge steps forward in terms of safety equipment but both human driving behaviour and the road themselves need to be improved," said Championship promoter Marcello Lotti.
"The FIA provides powerful motivation to improve safety standards in motor sport so it is a logical extension to take that further and contribute to awakening public opinion and making roads safer worldwide."
Three times WTCC Champion Yvan Muller commented:
"Nobody is in a better position than racing drivers to know the risks and dangers of the road. Our experience can be very useful to reduce the number of deadly accidents, but this is often not exploited. When road users think of racing drivers they always think of speed and madness but that is completely wrong. On the contrary, our experience may be used to pass on very important messages about the necessity of evaluating potentially dangerous situations; road safety, braking distances, sobriety at the wheel and so on."
SUNRED racer Tiago Monteiro added:
"Professional drivers in top level motorsport must provide an example. It is important to make road users aware that road safety is important and driving becomes very dangerous if you don't take sufficient care. There are many simple ways to make the roads safer, and I think the FIA is correct to use us as a vehicle for this message, because, via motorsport, it will reach a lot of people."
Volvo driver Robert Dahlgren added:
"Every campaign like this one deserves to receive a strong support. As a Volvo driver for the past eight years I am well aware of how important it is to emphasise safety on the roads. I think is a very good idea that our World Championship and its drivers support this campaign. If we can make a difference, that will be fantastic."
Action for Road Safety is the FIAs response and leading contribution to the challenges raised by the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety, the aim of which is to prevent five million road deaths and countless serious injuries over the next ten years.

WTCC drivers show support to the FIA Action for Road Safety campaign

UK based Touring Car team Special Tuning Racing announced that they are working towards competing in the 2012 FIA World Touring Car Championship with SEAT Sport works customer support.
Team principal John Boardman and Technical Director Gary Robertshaw, visited the WTCC finale at Macau, where they met with SEAT Sport Director Jaime Puig and agreed the deal in principle for 2012.
STR will use a new SEAT Sport developed 1.6 T engine and gearbox package in their two WTCC latest specification León cars, receiving technical backup and engineering support from the Spanish manufacturer.
John Boardman commented: "We are very excited by the prospect of working closely with SEAT Sport as a customer 'works' team. This will take our involvement with running SEAT touring cars to the next level. We have over eight years experience racing the Leó
n in the WTCC, BTCC and SEAT single make series. This support from SEAT will make us even more competitive in next season. We look forward to making our experience produce front running pace in the WTCC."
Special Tuning Racing will now be focusing on finalising the driver line up for 2012. The plan is to run two cars in the WTCC where they last raced in 2009, and two in the British Touring Car Championship.

Tom Boardman in the STR-run SEAT León during the 2009 WTCC season

POULSEN AND TEAM ENGSTLER WON YOKOHAMA TROPHIESThe fight for the Yokohama Drivers' Trophy culminated in a duel between two Danish drivers on the streets of Macau. And although Michel Nykjær drove his SUNRED León to clinch two great victories, it was his fellow countryman Kristian Poulsen who was sacred champion by two points."I won four out of the last six races and looking back at whole season, I can only be satisfied. We had some problems at the start of the year, which meant that we had to catch up. We managed to close the gap, but even though we lacked a few points at the end. Congratulations to Kristian for the title," Nykjær said.Poulsen who had finished runner up to Sergio Hernández in 2010, won six races at the wheel of his BMW 320 TC and emerged as the best of the Yokohama Trophy competitors in the Drivers' Championship ranking seventh. "The team did a great job for the whole season. I never had technical problems in the twenty-four races. I had to fight with some very good drivers and it was funny that in the end it was a Danish affair, between me and Michel. My last race was also the slowest of my career. The guys on the radio were telling me that I just needed to finish to become champion. I had to fight against my own instinct, but all I wanted was the title!" Poulsen commented.With Poulsen's team-mate Franz Engstler finishing in third position, Liqui Moly Team Engstler won the Yokohama Team's Trophy. "We are very proud. It's a great honour for us! Since we joined the championship we tried to improve and this title is the result of the hard work we have done! We need to thank Liqui Moly as they made all this possible," team manager Kurt Treml commented.The Jay-Ten Trophy, reserved for driver at the wheel of 2010 cars was won by Fabio Fabiani in BMW 320si cars run by Proteam Racing and Liqui Moly Team Engstler. ROB HUFF IS THE MONROE PERFORMERRob Huff finished runner up in the WTCC Drivers' Championship behind Yvan Muller. However, the young Briton got himself the satisfaction to beat his Chevrolet team-mate in setting the most fastest laps during the season, being crowned as the 2012 Monroe Performer.With nine fastest laps - against Muller's eight - Huff not only erased the previous record of six, set by Jörg Müller in 2005 and matched by Gabriele Tarquini in 2010, but also won the Ducati motorcycle offered by Monroe.Muller was awarded with a Elmoto electric bicycle and Alain Menu (two fastest laps) with a Marzocchi bicycle.With eight fastest laps, Norbert Michelisz emerged as the Monroe Performer among the competitors of the Yokohama Trophy; the Hungarian races pocketed prize money for a total of 24,500 euros.


Fabio Ravaioli - FIA WTCC Media Delegate

Strong Audi presence at 2011 Race of Champions

Strong Audi presence at 2011 Race of

􀀁 Four Audi “factory” drivers to contest the race in Düsseldorf
􀀁 DTM racer Filipe Albuquerque will compete as title defender
􀀁 Audi R8 LMS is the most powerful competition vehicle

Ingolstadt, November 25, 2011 – Audi will be represented at the 2011 Race of
Champions at the ESPRIT arena in Düsseldorf on December 3 and 4, 2011 with its
strongest line-up ever. As many as four Audi “factory” drivers will compete with
Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel & company. In addition, the brand with the
four rings is deploying the 525-HP Audi R8 LMS to the meeting of the world’s
best race and rally drivers as the most powerful competition vehicle in the field.
Filipe Albuquerque (Portugal), Mattias Ekström (Sweden), Tom Kristensen
(Denmark) and Timo Scheider (Germany) were invited to participate in the eagerly
awaited meeting that attracted more than 64,000 spectators last year.
Consequently Audi has good chances of providing the best of the best at the Race of
Champions yet again.
Three times the two-time DTM Champion Mattias Ekström has previously won the
title at the Race of Champions. In 2006, at the finale in Paris, the Audi factory driver
sensationally defeated local hero Sébastien Loeb, who has meanwhile become the
eight-time World Rally Champion. Both in 2007 in London and in 2009 in Beijing,
the Swede prevailed against Michael Schumacher. In 2010, Ekström was unable to
run due to a conflicting commitment in the DTM finale at Shanghai (China). Yet last
year it was again an Audi racer – at that time still employed by Audi Sport Italia –,
the Portuguese Filipe Albuquerque, who prevailed against the world’s elite.
“The successes of our drivers at the Race of Champions show the high level of
driving skills that exist at Audi,” says Head of Audi Motorsport Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich.
“I think this was made obvious by our triumphs in the DTM and at the Le Mans 24
Hours as well.”

At the Race of Champions a select group of the world’s best race and rally drivers
traditionally competes against each other in identical vehicles. The most powerful
competition vehicle in 2011 is the Audi R8 LMS that already impressed the
participants at last year’s event in Düsseldorf. With a track record of more than 110
victories in just three years, the mid-engine sports car from quattro GmbH has
meanwhile become one of the world’s most successful GT3 vehicles. This year,
among other events, the Audi R8 LMS won the 12-hour race at Bathurst (Australia)
and the 24-hour race at Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium) in which over 60 GT3 sports
cars competed.
In Düsseldorf, the Audi R8 LMS will run on an about one-kilometer parallel track
that is being specifically set up for the Race of Champions at the ESPRIT arena.
Featuring a width of 7.5 meters, the circuit is the widest one in the history of the
event that dates back all the way to 1988.
Tom Kristensen, who with eight victories under his belt is the most successful Le
Mans racer of all time, has been competing at the Race of Champions since 2001,
and thus longer than any other entrant. “The Race of Champions is a fantastic event,
that’s why I always enjoy returning to this race,” says the Audi factory driver. “The
audience is enthusiastic and I look forward to competing again with Mattias
(Ekström) in the ROC Nations Cup.”
In 2005, Ekström and Kristensen as “Team Scandinavia” won the Nations Cup on the
eve of the single event. Most recently, Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel
prevailed four consecutive times. Aiming to break the winning streak of “Team
Germany” are not just Ekström and Kristensen but also the two-time DTM Champion
Timo Scheider who together with Formula One racer Timo Glock is forming the
“SAT.1 Team Germany 2.” “Obviously, Team Germany with two Formula One World
Champions has the favorite’s role,” says the Audi factory driver. “But I’m sure that
Timo (Glock) and I will not just have a lot of fun in Düsseldorf but will be
competitive too.”
This also applies to title defender Filipe Albuquerque. The second-best newcomer of
the 2011 DTM season, who achieved his first DTM podium at Valencia at the start of
October, was the sensational winner of last year’s ROC in Düsseldorf. “I’m really
looking forward to compete again in the Race of Champions and to defend my title,”
explains the Portugese.
The comeback of Mattias Ekström, who will contest the Race of Champions again
after a one-year break, is being awaited with particularly eager anticipation. “In
2010, it was pretty painful having to watch the action from a distance,” says the
Swede who won three DTM races and the Spa 24 Hours this year – the latter at the
wheel of an Audi R8 LMS by the way. “I’m very much looking forward to being part
of it again this year.”

Audi Sport.

Thursday 24 November 2011

Large crowds for the ADAC GT Masters 2012 season

Large crowds for the ADAC GT Masters 2012 season

The interest in the ADAC GT Masters is too high for the 2012 season without brakes. For the last few days, participants have the opportunity to enroll for the upcoming season, with the weekend of 13 to 15 April 2012 at the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben begins.

Already noted, the ADAC is a very high demand for grid positions. Already 15 teams with a total of 28 vehicles have registered for the upcoming season in the "league of super sports cars." You will benefit from the particularly favorable conditions, the ADAC offers the teams until 30 November 2011 to enroll.

Among the previously reported 28-GT racers, the fans look forward to even 140 days before the start of the season in the Magdeburg region, can be found spectacular new additions. The eagerly awaited MP4/12C McLaren celebrates its race debut in 2012 as the "league of super sports car" like the U.S. large-volume sports car legend Chevrolet Camaro. The ADAC GT Masters in 2012 thrilled not only with new vehicles, but also with a variety of brands, is unparalleled. In addition to the McLaren and the Chevrolet supercars already more like Corvette Z06 were, Italia Ferrari 458, Lamborghini Gallardo enrolled, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and Porsche 911. The ADAC expects other trademarks and expects a starter box with about ten different manufacturers.

Interested teams have the opportunity for responses to 30 November 2011 to benefit from a reduced registration fee for the 2012 season. However, to hurry, because by the end of November, only 36 of the 44 awarded for the upcoming season available starting places. The remaining eight places of ADAC reserved until the closing date on 01 March 2012 for further attractive newcomers and teams who are working currently on your plans for 2012. Registrations for the ADAC GT Masters is only possible online.

The ADAC GT Masters 2012 starts at seven and ADAC Masters Weekend in the ADAC Truck Grand Prix at the Nurburgring for a total of 16 races. The eight events, each with two races are held on all permanent race tracks in Germany and on the Red Bull Ring in Austria and in Zandvoort, Netherlands, and are again shown live on television.

ADAC Presse.

Monday 21 November 2011

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Sunday 20 November 2011


ROUNDS 23 & 24 - MACAU

Yvan Muller grabbed his third World Touring Car Championship title, beating his Chevrolet team-mate Rob Huff by only three points after 24 rounds.
Until the last race Huff left no stone unturned in the attempt to revert a situation that saw him twenty points behind before the season finale at Macau. However, not even the two victories he obtained today - that made him the most winning WTCC driver on the Guia circuit, with five successes - were enough.
After putting a lot of pressure on Huff during the first race, when he was lying second, Muller was able to maintain concentration, avoiding the risks and pocketing two podium results that were worth the title.
This was the icing on the Chevrolet's cake at the end of a season that was largely dominated by the brand of the GM Group and the Cruze cars admirably prepared and run by RML. Figures say it all: 21 victories out of 24 races, 12 pole positions out of 12, 19 fastest laps out of 24, 256 laps led out of 347.
No wonder then that Muller, Huff and Alain Menu (who had no luck today, being involved in a first race accident that sidelined him for good) filled the championship podium.
A few other drivers showed off today. Gabriele Tarquini and Tom Coronel were able to escort Huff and Muller on the podiums, confirming that they were the best of the rest. Coronel ranked fourth in the final standings and Tarquini fifth.
Like Huff, Michel Nikyær had the difficult task to recover a lot of points in the Yokohama Trophy. Like Huff he won both races. And like Huff he lost the title by a few points (only two) to Kristian Poulsen.
Now the championship faces a 110-day break before the 2012 season kicks off at Monza on March 11.

Rob Huff won the first race at Macau, keeping his team-mate and championship leader Yvan Muller at bay during a race that was neutralized twice by the safety car. This result meant that the Briton reduced his gap from Muller to 13 points, keeping alive his chances to be sacred world champion in the second race.
For the whole distance Muller put strong pressure on Huff, changing line at every braking point in the attempt to push him to make a mistake. In spite of this, Huff remained cool and focused, avoiding to open the least of a gap.
Gabriele Tarquini collected another podium result ahead of Tom Coronel, while Michel Nikyær finished in fifth winning the Yokohama Trophy, while Kristian Poulsen clinched the title even before the final race. Joe Rosa-Merszei claimed victory in the Jay-Ten Trophy.

Rob Huff encored, claiming a second dominant victory, but he lost the world title to Yvan Muller by three points only.
The Briton tried his best to recover the 13-point gap and managed to overtake Michel Nikyær and Tom Coronel (who had taken a fantastic start from the second row) on his way to another race win. However, Muller was in a position to control without taking too many risks.
For six laps, two of them behind the safety car, Huff and Muller were equal for points and the number of victories (eight each); and yet the Frenchman would have been champion because of the second places (eight against six). Eventually Muller settled the situation by moving up to third, ahead of Nikyær.
The latter won again the Yokohama Trophy race, beating Mehdi Bennani who obtained his best result ever - sixth - in WTCC, while Joe Rosa-Merszei claimed his second victory in the Jay-Ten Trophy.

WTCC Guia Race of Macau - Circuito da Guia - 18 / 20 November 2011 -

Fabio Ravaioli - FIA WTCC Media Delegate

Saturday 19 November 2011


Fia Wtcc Official Newsletter
ROUNDS 23 & 24 - MACAU

The fight for the Drivers' world championship will have an exciting showdown on Sunday at Macau after Chevrolet team-mates and title contenders Rob Huff and Yvan Muller managed to qualify on the front row for Race 1.
Huff, who is chasing Muller twenty points behind, claimed his fourth pole position of the season. The first for him after those in the three opening events at Curitiba, Zolder and Monza. This also meant that Chevrolet completed a clean sweep in qualifying, winning twelve pole positions out of twelve events, that were equally shared between their three drivers.
Thanks to his advantage, Muller was not obliged to take too many risks and the second position will give the opportunity to control his younger team-mate. For the third Chevrolet man, Alain Menu, qualifying turned to black as he failed to make it to Q2 because of an accident.
This enabled Gabriele Tarquini to qualify third and local hero Darryl O'Young to achieve his best qualifying result ever.
The session had a curious end, as Huff stopped along the track after posting the fastest lap. It was not because of a mechanical failure, but cramps to his left calf!

Q1 - Robert Dahlgren set the fastest time in the first part of the qualifying session, completing a lap in 2:32.881. The Swede ousted Yvan Muller who had posted a provisional fastest time of 2:33.353 in the early minutes.
As usual Q1 provided lot of drama, with the drivers fighting to win places for Q2. Some of them took extra risks, like Alain Menu who made contact with Andre Couto car before the Dona Maria Bend while trying to improve from his 13th position.
Charles Ng was another victim, crashing into the concrete wall at the Fishermen's Bend just before the chequered flag was waved.
The latest minutes saw Darryl O'Young posting the second fastest lap (2:33.177), demoting Muller to third. André Couto moved up to fourth (2:33.954) and Tiago Monteiro failed to make the cut by only 0.088 seconds.
The following drivers advanced to Q2: Dahlgren, O'Young, Muller, Couto, Bennani, Tarquini, Coronel, Huff, Nykjær and Engstler who will start on pole for tomorrow's second race.

Q2 - Drivers did not even have the time to complete the first lap that they were stopped by the red flag after Robert Dahlgren crashed his Volvo C30 at Paiol. The car caught fire, but the driver managed to come out by himself with a broken thumb.
The marshals had to clean the track from the oil spilled by the Volvo engine and the session resumed after 25 minutes.
Huff and Muller posted provisional fastest laps on the first attempt: 2:31.868 and 2:32.027 respectively.
In the late stages Coronel improved to 2:33.825 that gave him a provisional third place. However, the last tries reshuffled the positions. Muller retook the lead with a lap of 2:31.149, but just for the time Huff crossed the line claiming pole position with the time of 2:30.881.
The final drivers to take the flags were Gabriele Tarquini (2:32.147) and O'Young (2:32.519) who qualified third and fourth respectively, with the Chinese racer on pole for the Yokohama Trophy.

Fredy Barth and Robert Dahlgren escaped heavy crashes at the fast Paiol bend.
The Swiss driver hit the concrete wall during the second practice and after the impact remained unconscious inside his car on fire. Marshals and firemen managed to extricate him and extinguish the flames. Barth was conscious and unscathed, although intoxicated for breathing the fire's smoke. He was taken to the hospital, where medical checks excluded brain and cervical damage.
Dahlgren crashed during qualifying; he managed to get out by himself of the wrecked car but suffered from a fracture to the third phalanx of his right thumb.
The doctors declared both drivers not fit for racing on Sunday.

WTCC Guia Race of Macau - Circuito da Guia - 18 / 20 November 2011 -

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Friday 18 November 2011

Audi as title defender at Bathurst in 2012

Audi as title defender at Bathurst in 2012

• Two Audi R8 LMS cars to compete at the Bathurst 12 Hours
• Phoenix Racing to make debut in Australia with R8 LMS
• Strong driver line-up of local and international drivers

Ingolstadt, November 18, 2011 – The Audi R8 LMS will return to Australia as the
title defender. After the one-two result at the Bathurst 12 Hours last February,
the successful GT3 sports car will again compete at the endurance classic from
February 24 to 26. The high-caliber driver line-up has already been confirmed.
Both sports cars on the front row, a one-two result with a one-lap lead and a new lap
record on the challenging track: The Audi R8 LMS delivered an impeccable showing
on its debut at Mount Panorama nine months ago. In February 2012, the 411 kW
(560 HP) GT3 sports car is to defend its victory on this legendary circuit. The
customer sports car that is fielded at worldwide events has meanwhile clinched 115
single victories and twelve titles in only three years. At Bathurst, Team Phoenix
Racing will be fielding the two Audi R8 LMS vehicles. As an Audi factory team, Ernst
Moser’s squad won the DTM title this year with Martin Tomczyk.
A top-caliber international driver line-up has already been confirmed for the 12-hour
race. The German Christopher Mies and Darryl O’Young from Hong Kong, who won
the endurance race in February, will again share a cockpit. They will be reinforced by
Christer Jöns. The German driver clinched four podium results this year in the ADAC
GT Masters and, like Christopher Mies, was part of the Audi factory team at the
Nürburgring 24 Hours.
Of special interest to the enthusiastic Australian audience will be the driver squad
for the second R8 LMS. Mark Eddy/Craig Lowndes/Warren Luff will be competing
under the symbol of the four rings together for the second consecutive time. Before
the finale next weekend, Mark Eddy is leading the Australian GT Championship in his
own Audi R8 LMS with a 46-point advantage. The seasoned touring car racer Warren
Luff posted the fastest lap of all Audi drivers in qualifying at Bathurst in 2011. Craig
Lowndes is regarded as a touring car legend and has won the V8 Supercar series
three times and the Bathurst 1000 race five times. The trio finished the Bathurst 12
Hours as the runners-up in February.

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Thursday 17 November 2011

Bernardo Sousa at the Monza Rally Show

Bernardo Sousa at the Monza Rally Show

The strong Portuguese driver of United Business, will take part for the first time in the most "glamorous" Italian rally event. He will be at the start with the Peugeot 207 Super 2000 of the Pa Racing Team, the car with which he recently competed in the Rally du Valais, where he was forced to retire when he was in first place overall. United Business wanted the presence of Bernardo Sousa at the important Italian event, among the entries are the eight-time world champion Sébastien Loeb (Citroen Ds 3 WRC), Dani Sordo (Mini Countryman Wrc) winner of the 2010 edition, Dindo Capello (Citroen Ds 3 WRC), Valentino Rossi (Ford Fiesta Wrc), Piero Longhi (Mini Countryman Wrc), Alessandro Perico (Citroen C4 Wrc), Felice Re (Citroen C4 Wrc) and another 20 drivers with WRC cars. Sousa will race with his Peugeot fitted with Pirelli tyres, competition in this class will be fierce, as there will be the three-time European Rally Champion Luca Rossetti, of the multiple Italian Rally Champion Paolo Andreucci, of Giandomenico Basso, of the Moto Gp and Gp2 champions (Andrea Dovizioso and Andrea Iannone), the Super 2000 cars at the start should be over 30. Also noteworthy is the participation of Max Papis with the Toyota Camry with which he competes in the NASCAR championship. Papis will be the course car in all the special stages and, on Sunday afternoon, he will perform during the Master Show. “It is the first time I take part in the Monza Rally Show - said Bernardo – the drivers of United Business, my team mates, described it with enthusiastic terms for the names of the drivers who take part in it, for the spectators, for the media coverage that this rally guarantees, thanks to the many celebrities and famous people who are present, but I will mostly be in Monza to measure myself against some of the Italian and the world's best drivers. I have never done this race, with the 207 I did only half of the Rally du Valais, I will have at my side a codriver with whom I have never raced previously, Corrado Mancini, in short, everything is new for me, but also very nice, I will see during the race how the situation will evolve and I hope to do well. It is a rally show, so it will be important to entertain the audience, but I will also try to get some good stage times”. The format of the 2011 edition of the Monza Rally Show offers the new "Grid Exhibition", scheduled before the start of SS1 on Friday November 25th, an initiative that aims to increase the involvement of spectators and schedules the deployment of the cars in the pit lane, according to the start order, in a sort of exhibition for the spectators who will have the chance to take a close look at the cars and meet the drivers a few minutes before the start of the first Special Stage. The race will take place from Thursday 24th to Sunday 27th November at the Autodromo di Monza, with a total of 9 special stages for a total length of 154.70 Km. On Sunday, November 27th, from 14:00 the "Master Show" will take place, a direct knock-out special stage which will be held on a 1,500 mt track set up on the central straight line of the track and that will host the best crews of the "Monza Rally Show". The "Master Show" will be broadcast live on Rai Sport and recorded by many other television networks. All the information on the event can be found on the website.

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