Tuesday 29 November 2011

Race of Champions on 3 and 4 December in Dusseldorf: Sebastian Vettel: "I can not wait until it finally goes off "

Race of Champions on 3 and 4 December in Dusseldorf:

Sebastian Vettel: "I can not wait
until it finally goes off "
The appearance of Sebastian Vettel in the last year been like a triumphal procession: The
Heppenheimer came in 2010 as a newly minted Formula 1 world champion to Düsseldorf
could save themselves from expressions of sympathy, interview and autograph requests barely. In
This year, he puts something extra: a grandiose Formula 1 season as he has recently
Complete Formula 1 double World Champion ever, and himself a place in the Olympus
the motor sports icons retracted. Now comes the ambitious Red Bull driver, who by the way the
youngest driver on the grid is the big show-down in the ESPRIT arena: Together
Michael Schumacher, he wants the fifth title in the ROC Nations Cup in consecutive
Bring order. In individual competition, he wants this time finally come to the final. In the
Conversation he said: With all professionalism he is looking forward to the competition with thieving
the best pilots in the world.
?: Could you describe how it felt last year in a
to enter the closed stadium before the home crowd?
Sebastian Vettel: "It's almost magical - a bit like a football game in a
full stadium. Something really special. "
?: How big is their anticipation of a repetition of the home race?And what would you
the fans say, have not yet decided whether to come or not?
Sebastian Vettel: "All those who are undecided should definitely for ROCBesuch
. decide I personally can not wait until it finally starts. This
Event is something completely different than what we are in Formula 1, World Rally Championship or
other categories of motorsport experience. This is because so many drivers from the
different countries and disciplines compete against each other and enjoy each other
have. A great event for motor sport - and the feeling of competition and fun -
very close to bringing to the fans. Here they have the chance to meet the drivers, or even
ride a lap with them. In my eyes an unforgettable experience. "
?: Last year you seemed from winning the World Cup title still intoxicated than you to
ROC came. Was it a little quieter this year? And you think that the ROC
therefore enjoy even more?
Sebastian Vettel: "It is a bit different because I already won the title in Japan
and did not at the last race. This does not mean that we are now less harsh
. fight We have fought to the end to enter wins, because that's
what we are about. out of every race, the maximum "
?: How much has the great Formula 1 season, you have passed by since the year
same time have laid, changed?
Sebastian Vettel: "I've learned from my first title. I am now a little quieter
and possibly self-conscious. If you win a title, you prove that you are the
Have stuff to achieve that goal. But people should not misunderstand that and
believe that I am now able to handle any situation to be away easily. I must
still much to learn and it is the constant accumulation of experience that makes me a
makes better drivers. "
?: If you had to choose, what would you prefer? The fifth victory in the ROC
Nations Cup and finally to win the drivers' title at the Race Of Champions?
Sebastian Vettel: "I won the ROC Nations Cup four times and am using this
Result, very happy. This is similar to the Formula 1 Constructors' World Championships, where
fighting for a common goal. But I'm definitely the goal, and the drivers' title at the
To win Race of Champions. "

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