Tuesday 29 November 2011

Michael Schumacher: "Who cars, music and action like, for which there is no alternative to the ROC "

Race of Champions on 3 and 4 December in Dusseldorf:

Michael Schumacher: "Who cars, music and action
like, for which there is no alternative to the ROC "
Michael Schumacher takes the Race Of Champions Nations Cup as the defending champion.
When the Fight of the national teams on Saturday (December 3) takes place, then it is jointly
Sebastian Vettel try to get the coveted trophy for the fifth consecutive year.
The reputation of the team speaks volumes Germany: unite the nine world titles
both to itself - it seven to go it alone "Schumi", the so (and in many other
Statistics) of the most successful Formula 1 driver of all time. In the interview, he cast a glance
ahead of what's happening next weekend.
?: How it felt last year, before ESPRIT arena in the closed
to begin a home crowd? If you get anything as a driver of the atmosphere
to feel?
Michael Schumacher: "Driving in a hall is simply sensational! The emotions are
intense, you can hear the fans and they can literally feel - a lot of fun. For us, the
very unusual and therefore I am convinced that every driver that really
enjoys. The whole atmosphere is just great. "
?: How big is their anticipation of a repetition of the home race?And what would you
guess the fans who do not yet know whether they should come or not?
Michael Schumacher: "Well - seems to me the whole is always a bit like a
Become toy race track, the reality is. The event is always very
entertaining and is definitely a cool way to spend the weekend.For all those who
Cars, music and action may, there is no alternative to this weekend
Race of Champions. "
?: Even in the years 2007 to 2009, when you're not a Formula 1 driving, you were
the Race of Champions at the start and have shown great performances. What makes the
ROC for you so special that you wanted to be sure, even after your retirement here?
Michael Schumacher: "Ultimately, it is not so much the desire for competition, I always
can come back here, but much more fun and good time with you
other drivers spend. During the season we all have to be focused more fully.
Therefore, it is simply nice to be here even once has the time to say, "Hey, let's
tonight go together one drink. "This does not alter the fact that we all
are professional drivers: The moment in which the visor is folded down, everyone wants
win only one of us. But the Race of Champions is just only one aspect. "
?: What do you think of how much they have in the two years since its Formula-1-
Comeback changed as a driver?
Michael Schumacher: "You mean, since I am the 'business' again seriously pursuing? Well,
has definitely changed that I know the team better and that I am more involved.
Sort of thing. And - yes, first I was certainly a bit rusty. But in the meantime
it runs much smoother again. I am convinced that Mercedes and I reach
are, what we have set ourselves. "
?: If you had to choose, what would you prefer? Another victory in the ROC
Nations Cup and finally to win the drivers' title at the Race Of Champions?
Michael Schumacher: "The celebration of Sebastian has evolved into a very funny
Tradition developed. Therefore, I would be absolutely happy if it would succeed, the ROC
Nations Cup to win again - even if the party that usually cause
states that the next day we in the drivers' competition with certain health problems
have to fight ... "

Media-Team Race of Champions

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