Tuesday 18 September 2012

Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland Oschersleben Championship decision recessed

Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland Oschersleben
Championship decision recessed

Slowly the 2012th season is drawing to a close; the Porsche Carrera Cup took place for the penultimate time in this season together with the DTM at the race track in the Magdeburger Boerde. Of course the MRS team was present with the leader of the B championship ‘Bill Barazetti’ and the Austrian Newcomer Philipp Eng.

The qualifying on Saturday, where the starting positions were determined for both races, was a little bit under the expectation. Indeed Philipp Eng could qualify himself both times in a starting position in the sixth row, but still quarreled with the car and with the track. ‘Bill Barazetti’ was a little bit happier after the qualifying, he finished once third and once second in his class.

The start of the race on Saturday went very well for both MRS drivers. Indeed Philipp Eng could not run barely with the top, but fought himself at the end to the ninth position. “More was not possible; I had no chance to attack today with this car. Something didn’t match, so now we have to discuss and look if we can change something at the car for tomorrow”, said Philipp Eng pensively after the race. Considerably happier was Eng’s team mate ‘Bill Barazetti’. For the first time in this season ‘Bill Barazetti’ reached the first position in his class and extended his leadership up to 37 (!) points. “Of course I am absolutely happy. On the one hand I am happy about the victory and on the other hand I keep an eye on the championship. The advance is very comfortable, I hope tomorrow will be like today”, said ‘Bill Barazetti’.

Unfortunately the hope of ‘Bill Barazetti’ already ended at the start of the race on Sunday. At the start the clutch of the car broke and this was the end of the race for ‘Bill Barazetti’ even before it started. “I am really disappointed. A technical damage at this moment of the championship is critical. Indeed I have a comfortable advance in the championship, but this situation raises the pressure in Hockenheim”, dictated the driver from Esslingen. The second race of Philipp Eng went much better. After a very good start the young Austrian could attack his man in front and put him under pressure. Also the lap times were remarkable faster than at the previous day, little set-up changes made a positive impact. An incident occurred shortly before the end of the race, where the Swiss Philipp Frommenwiler under pressure from Eng hit the crash barriers with his 911 Porsche. This resulted in a safety-car phase, which should last until the end of the race. What was not really captured by the TV cameras, was confirmed afterwards, the accident happened without Philipp Eng touched the car of the Swiss. At the end after a very good race Philipp Eng passed the finish line as good sixth. “That is a conciliatory conclusion of a hard weekend, the car was very good today and I could always put pressure, the pace was good as well”, said Philipp Eng referring to the race.

The great season finale of the Porsche Carrera Cup Germany will take place on the same platform as the DTM in five weeks in Hockenheim. “Our goal for the last race weekend is to win the B championship with ‘Bill Barazetti’ and to reach a long-awaited podium of our Austrian Rookie Philipp Eng”, so team chief Iris Dorr.

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