Saturday 1 October 2011

Margaritis / Lunardi make a masterpiece in the ADAC GT Masters

Margaritis / Lunardi make a masterpiece in the ADAC GT Masters
Ski Jumping Legend Hannawald in the race on Saturday's best amateur pilot
Amateur team championship and remain open until the last race
This was a true tour de force: Alexandros Margaritis (27, Cologne) and Dino
Lunardi (32 F) have been early in the championship in Hockenheim ADAC
GT Masters secured and sparked last year's title winner Albert of
Thurn und Taxis (27, Regensburg) and Peter Kox (47, NL) from.With perfect weather
drove the new BMW ALPINA B6 champions in the LIQUI MOLY Team
Engstler with a clear flag to flag win the title. The closest pursuer
The two new title holders, Ferdinand (20, A) and Johannes Stuck (24, A)
Reiter Lamborghini Gallardo occupied in second place, René Rast (24, Frankfurt)
and Stefan Landmann (25, A) secured in a thrilling final phase
Third place in the Audi R8 by Phoenix Racing Pole Promotion.
Keyfacts, Hockenheimring Baden-Württemberg
Circuit length: 4,574 meters
Weather: sunny, 21 degrees
Pole Position: Dino Lunardi (LIQUI MOLY Team Engstler BMW ALPINA B6),
1.40,111 min
Race 1 Winner: Alexandros Margaritis / Dino Lunardi (LIQUI MOLY Team
Engstler BMW ALPINA B6)
Fastest lap: Dino Lunardi, 1.41,412 min
Start-finish victory for Margaritis / Lunardi from pole position
Dino Lunardi presented with a perfect start from pole position for the
Foundation for victory. The Frenchman turned in front of the Porsche 911-a-workx of
Sebastian Asch (25, Ammerbuch) into turn one, while Ferdinand
Stuck unlucky. The youngest son of Hans-Joachim "Christmas cake" Stuck had
Select the first corner and the winger went just wide in sixth
back from the opening lap. At the top of the Asch kept fighting for the lead
exciting because Lunardi could not be decisive of his pursuers
. sell Only shortly before the driver change to team-mate Alexandros
Margaritis were 3.1 seconds between the two leaders. But then
Asch had bad luck and retired after a collision with the Lamborghini of ex-
Master Peter Kox (47, NL). From there could Lunardi / Margaritis without pushing
to win and go to the title, the stucco-brothers saw the checkered flag
Finally, 11.5 seconds behind the BMW ALPINA bright green in second place.
"A perfect race," beamed Lunardi. "The tracks in this way to
win is just fantastic. I'm so relieved, because we wanted
necessarily prevent the title decision will be postponed so that the pressure
to us is not even bigger. "Alexandros Margaritis drove the BMW
ALPINA cross the finish line, while experienced a rollercoaster of emotions. "In
the last three rounds, it was an enjoyment, one hope and one fear,
that still happens. Opposite end of the race had all the drivers on the
Distance tire and brake problems, and I've never felt so right in the
Car obeys. Now celebrate! "
Podium finishes in the hotly contested final phase
Behind the Siegerduo were the other two podium finishes short
before the end of a hard-fought race. After the failure of the a-workx-Porsche
Asch / Ammermüller took Diego Alessi (39, I) and Daniel Keilwitz (22,
Villingen) in a Callaway Corvette, the role of pursuer. But after a
Tire failure three laps from the end of the race Keilwitz fell to No. 18
back. Also ADAC GT Masters debutant ADAC and Stiftung sports funding pilot
Mario Farnbacher (19, Ansbach) had together with Niclas Kentenich (23,
Neuss) in Italia Ferrari 458 Farnbacher Racing ESET unlucky.Farnbacher
impressed in the first half of the race with a strong third place, but after
a drive through penalty met the ADAC Formula Masters Movers
Kentenich with sixth place finish.
The stucco-brothers fought their way back up to the end of the race in second place
forward. "Against the BMW ALPINA we could do nothing today," said
Johannes Stuck. With a strong drive together with René Rast conquered
Stefan fellow Poles in the Phoenix Racing Audi R8 promotional recent
Podium. Last year's champion Albert von Thurn und Taxis (27,
Regensburg) finished with Philip Geipel (24, Plauen) in Reiter Lamborghini
Gallardo fourth place in front of Lance David Arnold (25, Duisburg) / Andreas Zuber (27,
UAE) in the best-ranked Mercedes Benz AMG SLS team of PRIMA JOB

ABT Audi drivers of bad luck.
The ABT-Audi R8-pilot Christopher Mies (22, Holy House) and Luca Ludwig
(22, Bonn), both of which started with title hopes in the race, had
however, bad luck. Mies had his title dreams buried early
as team-mate Christer Jöns (24, Ingelheim) was eliminated with a drive defect.
Ludwig's team-mate Jens Klingmann (21, glues) contributed three rounds
the end of the box with a racing tire damage.
Heart-stopping finale in the amateur standings
It was a photo finish to win in the amateur rankings. At the start and
Home straight on the last lap took Heinz-Harald Frentzen (44, Neuss) in
Callaway Corvette on a PROFESSIONAL AUTO TECH-911 by Daniel
Dobitsch (27, A) / Swen Dolenc (44, Maulbronn) over and secured to
his teammate Sven Hannawald (36, Munich) with only 0.066
Second lead before winning the amateur Dolenc. Corvette-pilot Toni Seiler
(53, CH) jumped as the third on the podium before the league leaders
the amateur championship, Marc A. Hayek (40, CH), was the fourth. With second place
Dolenc holds the title fight in the amateur standings open and shortened his
Hayek behind before the decisive race at 15 points. Bad luck
had Black Falcon-Mercedes driver Oliver Mayer (53, Ingolstadt), in the
first half of the race now retired and is third table.
Team standings remain exciting and amateur
Even the last race of the ADAC GT Masters promises on Sunday
plenty of power. In addition to the amateur ranking is also the title fight in the
Team standings still open. Reiter Engineering is almost four points ahead of the
LIQUI MOLY Team Engstler. In the last race of the season to start the new
Champions Margaritis / Lunardi before the stucco-brothers from the front row,
the second row divided by the Lamborghini Kox / Hayek and the Ferrari
Farnbacher / Kentenich.

ADAC GT Masters live on TV
The finale of the ADAC GT Masters 2011 at the Hockenheimring Baden-
Württemberg is the free to air TV channel on Saturday and kabel eins
Sunday at 11.45 clock live in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
transferred. The sports channel SPORT1 sends highlights of the ADAC GT Masters
the Hockenheimring in the ADAC Masters Weekend magazine on 8 October at
13.30 clock.
ADAC GT Masters
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