Thursday 13 October 2011

Margaritis: "ADAC GT Masters victory the greatest success of my career" The ADAC GT Masters Champion Interview The FIA ​​GT Championship at Hocken

Margaritis: "ADAC GT Masters victory the greatest success of my career"
The ADAC GT Masters Champion Interview

The ADAC GT Masters Championship at Hockenheim, a brilliant finale began at the end of a dream season for the former DTM-driver Alexandros Margaritis (27, Cologne) and his teammate Dino Lunardi (32 F). In his debut year in the "league of super sports car" of the German-Greek Margaritis went along with his French team-mate in the BMW ALPINA B6 of LIQUI MOLY Team Engstler with four wins this season to the title. In an interview with the ADAC does the new champion of the season's events.

Mr. Margaritis, which enjoys the status of the ADAC GT Masters win in your racing career?
Margaritis: "It is certainly next to my time in the DTM one of my biggest successes, if not the greatest. It is the first title that I won, and therefore something very special. Especially since the series was contested this year as hard as ever. You can not win a championship every year. Since then, of course, is also a bit lucky to do so. You have to be at the right time and right place and also needs the right car and a good team. "

You started with Dino Lunardi with a victory in the first season and were league leaders. But at what point did you first believed that it could work with the title?
Margaritis: "That was after the race at the Lausitzring, because we have drawn hope. Our competitors, the stucco-brothers, had a black weekend and stayed any points. We have more of a run-in, week-end catastrophe 'expected, but are then twice on fourth down. Because we have something figured out because we knew we would be fast at Assen. So it was then. A question mark still stood behind Hockenheim, because you always have the Lamborghini there must be on the bill. "

They have already secured the title ahead after the first race at Hockenheim. How did you find the first half of the race, as your teammate Dino Lunardi was sitting in the car?
Margaritis: "Since I was already very tense. While I have tremendous confidence in Dino, but it can always happen. Be it in the first corner or with the technology. If you even sit in the car, you are very focused and does not worry about it. But if you stand on the pit wall, it looks completely different. The hope and trembling, that all goes well. The first half of the race seemed extremely long, and was certainly the worst first half of the race of my life. "

How then was the time after the early title win on Saturday afternoon until Monday morning for you?
Margaritis: "After the race we have a little celebration, of course, there is a lot of pressure gone from our shoulders. We're as 'underdogs' in the season started and had our ups, but also some lows. Ultimately, however, we have won against teams like Rider, Abbot, Heico and Phoenix, which are indeed correct sizes in our business. We celebrate extensively but could not because we had on Sunday was still the second race ahead of us and for us it also for the win in the team championship. On Sunday afternoon, then we have celebrated spontaneously in the paddock together with the whole team. It had traveled to many friends and family members there, a part of my family is actually from Greece. The celebration ceremony was followed by a masters then until the early morning hours. "

What was the highlight for the 2011 season?
Margaritis: "That was the double-pole position in the finale at Hockenheim, coupled with the victory in the first race. In free practice we were only in seventh place and the stucco were very strong. But in qualifying we had our performance highlight, we were never so strong before. If you will win with a victory, that is an absolutely perfect and culmination of a season and much nicer than if you fail to finish in 20th place and thus wins the title. "

How are your plans now in the winter, what do you plan in the coming weeks?
Margaritis: "I will next weekend in the BMW ALPINA B6 launch together with the GT1 World Championship driver Dominik Schwager still in the Endurance Championship on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife. This is probably my last race this year.Otherwise, of course, are working, and sports on the program. In addition I am currently also a business education, which I conclude in the coming weeks. "

Do you already have plans for the 2012 season?
Margaritis: "I have for next season already some possibilities.First and foremost, of course, I strive to defend the title in the ADAC GT Masters, but also a return to the FIA ​​GT world championship is possible. There are also several interesting offers from abroad, which I must now examine. I hope that is decided by the end of November, when I go next year. "

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