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ADAC GT Masters: The new champions: Alexandros Margaritis and Dino Lunardi

The new champions: Alexandros Margaritis and Dino Lunardi
BMW ALPINA duo travels with four wins this season for the championship title
The last shall be first: The phrase also fits with the two
new champions of the ADAC GT Masters. Only shortly before the start of the season
wrote the LIQUI MOLY Team Engstler BMW ALPINA B6 with the
Car Number 41 of the new champions Alexandros Margaritis and Dino
Lunardi for the 2011 season one. Six months later, celebrating the German-
Greek and French in the dream final of the ADAC GT Masters
Hockenheim with the title in the "league of super sports cars" the greatest
Success of their careers.
Alexandros Margaritis (GR)
27 years, born 20.09.1984 in Bonn, lives in Cologne, single
Occupation: car salesman
ADAC GT Masters Statistics: 16 races, 4 wins, 2 pole positions
Dino Lunardi (F)
32 years, born 24.10.1978 in Nimes (F), lives in Nimes, single
Job: race car driver and instructor
ADAC GT Masters Statistics: 18 races, 4 wins, 1 pole position
Two characters, four wins this season, one championship
In the cockpit of her BMW ALPINA Margaritis and Lunardi are equally fast,
but also two very different characters. "Alexandros Margaritis is
our, horse racing, '"says managing director Andreas Bovensiepen with ALPINA
a smile on his lips. "He has left is always extreme, but in
Car in a position to explode immediately. For this he is very strong in the tackle and
He sees gaps in position battles, do not know the enemy. "In
Unlike Margaritis, the majority of his career in sprint
Racing series was out, Lunardi is more like the type of a
Long-haul pilots. "Dino is quiet in character as Alex, but
also five years older and thus longer in business. Are on the stopwatch
But both the same speed, which in this season was also a key to
Success. "
Alex Margaritis: Rhinelander faster with Greek roots
Alexandros Margaritis that landed in motorsports, thanks for the
Greece-starting his father was born in Bonn. "My father is
motorsport mad and me and my brother since childhood
taken to the track with, "recalls Margaritis at the start
his motor sport career. "Then, when the mid-1990s in Germany, the hype
Michael Schumacher started at, we are often on the kart track in the of
Bonn moved not far away Kerpen. "Was from a hobby for
Margaritis very soon much more. From karting today joined the 27 -
Year-old in the car racing and learned in the former formula-
Junior school in the ADAC Formula BMW ADAC, his motor-sports
Tools. From the "High-Speed ​​School of motorsports," moved the
German-Greek first in the Formula Renault before moving to two years in the
Formula 3 Euro Series at Mercedes-Benz came into the DTM.Three years
Margaritis started in the DTM for Mercedes-Benz Team Mücke
Motorsport and Persson Motorsport. "In the DTM, I've learned a lot. It
is great, what you as a driver, there has to possibilities, "recalls Margaritis
like the time back in the DTM. "I was often the best driver in a
Last year's car, but after three years I wanted more. I had a good
Offer, but then what in the context of the crisis in the auto industry
has broken. This something I was hanging in the air and I'm only sporadically
driven, "Margaritis leaves the last few years pass by. In the last
Margaritis season came back in the top league of motorsports and started
successfully for Maserati and Corvette in the FIA ​​GT1 World Championship. That
the Greek-German dual national in 2011 ADAC GT Masters started,
decided only shortly before the season started. "I had the ADAC GT
Masters already firmly in sight and in the winter have been the Mercedes-Benz
SLS AMG tested. Three weeks before the season started calling me then
ALPINA CEO Andreas Bovensiepen to me and asked me whether
I want to test the BMW ALPINA. "Both the car and the team
Margaritis have convinced at first. "There is a small force, the
scary behind the project is. "learned the two new champions
to know each other until just before the season started. "I had never heard of Dino
Lunardi heard, but Andreas Bovensiepen told me that he was one of
GT3 driver was fastest. Knew after our first joint test
I know what he meant. "The cost of Margaritis went with a pole
Position at the start of the season at the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben furious. As
the pole position for the season opener was followed by a victory was soon clear that
Margaritis on the originally agreed the two events
ADAC GT Masters faithful. It was followed by three more wins and
Hockenheim, the title, Margaritis for the first title of his career.
Dino Lunardi: the GT3 specialist from France
Even Dino Lunardi landed by his father in racing. "When I was ten
Years old, I started with kart racing and I am there in almost
all classes, driven, "Lunardi recalls his early days. From Kart
Lunardi joined the Formula racing and started in France in the
Formula Ford "The time in the junior series was extremely hard for me
because often has simply lacked the budget to run a full season. "
2005 Lunardi joined the French Peugeot RC Cup and was on
Runner-up immediately. A year later, in the same series of
Championship. First attracted international attention with the Lunardi
winning the Peugeot 207 Spider Cup in 2007, because as a reward for
Lunardi was allowed the title in the Peugeot factory team, the Peugeot 908 prototype
test for the 24 Hours of Le Mans. "I then tried the Le Mans
To take foot prototype. That was very difficult, but it opted for
I give the GT-good sports facilities. "continued in various series
the Frenchman for some of the most respected teams in the industry and started
among other things, Oreca, JMB, Mühlner and Callaway
Competition. His speed and his vast experience made in the past
ALPINA winter on the French attention. The title in the ADAC GT
Masters evaluates Lunardi as the biggest success of his motor sport
Career. "The title is the result of all my experience and a lot of hard
Work in recent years. "
ADAC GT Masters Presse.
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