Tuesday 18 October 2011

Marc A. Hayek: the champion - the Gentleman

Marc A. Hayek: the champion - the Gentleman
The amateur winner of the ADAC ​​GT Masters Championship in 2011 remains firmly in Swiss hands. Marc A. Hayek (40, CH) prevailed in Reiter Lamborghini Gallardo, sparking his compatriot and former champion Toni Seiler (53, CH) as the best "gentleman driver" from.
Hayek secured the title in the amateur standings at the season finale at the Hockenheimring befitting his sixth overall win of the season. Amateur title crowning of a preliminary short car-racing career The package, which Hayek for his first season in the "league of super sports car" was tied up, promising even before the season started. The CEO and president of the watchmaker Blancpain, the official timing partner of the FIA ​​GT Championship started, together with Peter Kox (47, NL), champion of 2010, in a Lamborghini. Together with the experienced Dutchman took his first Hayek 2011 third season in car racing in attack. Prior to this so far short career, Hayek was on two wheels move fast and clean at the start only with muscle power. "I my youth I was Swiss champion on the BMX bike," recalls Hayek. "Later, I started to ride a motorcycle race in the Superbike class." Occupational Hayek then pulled back for a few years from racing."But the motorsport bug never went away entirely. I knew I must return to the racetrack." Hayek took over Lamborghini back three years ago the way to the racetrack and the car racing. Blancpain has done a partnership with Lamborghini and was involved in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo one-make series with identical Lamborghini Gallardo. "I've learned by Peter Kox and the Lamborghini Super Trofeo down. Since then it had happened to me and I got into the car racing." For two years, the 40-year-old started together with Kox in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo, and graduated first in GT3 Lamborghini Gallardo inserts in 24-hour race at Spa-Francorchamps and Dubai. Hayek started in first FIA GT Championship season with victory In the ADAC GT Masters Hayek wanted a taste of this year, actually only one race: "The first race, but have already started surprisingly well I could ride right at the top of the amateur championship.." Right at the start of the season at the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben Hayek celebrated the first victory in the amateur championship, until the end of the season and should the amateur title five more will follow. On the home stretch of the championship but it was for Hayek again closely. In the third last event on the Lausitzring Porsche driver chased the Swiss for the first time from Swen Dolenc since the start of the season standings with the amateurs. But already at Assen, Netherlands captured the Lamborghini pilot back the lead, the title fight, however, was decided at the last race of the season on Sunday afternoon at Hockenheim. "I was very nervous the last race," said Hayek after the checkered flag. "In the race I've been careful to hold the position and to take any chances. I am very clear with the title run in mind." The victory in the amateur standings for Hayek is also a merit of Peter Kox. "I have benefited enormously from Peter Kox, he makes me more stable."Thus, Hayek showed, even after winning the amateur standings of the FIA ​​GT Championship quite a gentleman: "The prize money for winning the amateur ranking is naturally divided between me and Peter, he has in my title is at least as large proportion."
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