Sunday 12 February 2012

Audi race experience calendar has been set

Audi race experience calendar has been set

• Five events for Audi customers at the Nürburgring
• Filipe Albuquerque has intensified his fitness program
• DTM driver Timo Scheider serves on judging panel

Ingolstadt, February 12, 2012 – The Audi race experience is starting into its third
season with several changes and has announced its program for 2012.
Five times fun and sport: The Audi race experience offers the brand’s sporty
customers an attractive program, featuring the first runs this year of the new Audi
R8 LMS ultra that has been subjected to technical improvements in many areas
compared with the R8 LMS. Josef “Sepp” Haider is the new sporting director of the
race team. The calendar for the 2012 has been set as well. Customers who are
interested in contesting races at the Nürburgring themselves have the choice
between five events: VLN round 3 (April 27 - 28), Nürburgring 24 Hours (May 18 -
20), VLN round 4 (June 22 - 23), VLN round 7 (August 3- 4), VLN round 10 (October
26 - 27). Further information:;
Beauty pageant: DTM driver Timo Scheider served on a select judging panel last
weekend. The two-time champion was one of eight judges at the Miss Vorarlberg
pageant. 800 attendees watched the selection of Lourdes Gomez as Miss Vorarlberg
2012 at the Festival House in Bregenz, Austria.
Man is faster than dog: Filipe Albuquerque has started his fitness program for the
2012 season with an unusual partner. The Portuguese found a 4-kilometer outdoor
running track in the area around Coimbra. Three times a week he takes his dog with
him on the first run around the track. As conditions get too hot for the Labrador the
Audi driver runs the second round without his dog. His record for the eight-kilometer
track: 37m 35s.

A word from ... Sepp Haider
You’re the new sporting director at Audi race experience. What are your
“Obviously, I’m not entirely unfamiliar with the Audi race experience. I’ve been
working as an instructor for Audi’s large number of sporting customers ever since
the program was incepted. I’m delighted that in 2012 Audi entrusted me to run the
entire program. My task now is to offer our customers a perfect environment with a
professional race team and to ensure an unforgettable experience for them. Our
two new Audi R8 LMS ultra cars and the Nürburgring give us optimum prerequisites
for doing so.”
You’re offering the sportiest drivers of the brand as many as five opportunities for
a racing experience at the Nürburgring. What has been the response to this offer?
“Even before publishing the calendar we’d received numerous inquiries for this year.
That’s why only single places are left for VLN races number 4 and 7. The 24-hour
race at the Nürburgring will again be the pinnacle of the season. Those who wish to
drive with us should decide quickly.”
Who are the professional racers that will be assisting your participants at these
racing events?
“This year we’re again working with Florian Gruber, Frank Schmickler and Marco
Werner. Our program participants keep telling us that they’re thrilled by this
concept and that they can feel the progress they’re making with respect to their
own driving style. Conversely, our pros enjoy passing on their knowledge to Audi’s
sporty drivers.”
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