Tuesday 21 August 2012

Porsche Carrera Cup Germany Nürburgring Red-hot battle at Nürburgring

Porsche Carrera Cup Germany Nürburgring
Red-hot battle at Nürburgring

Not only the high temperatures but also the race calendar of the MRS team from Lonsee is hot. One week ago at the ADAC GT Masters on the Red Bull Ring, last weekend already again at the Porsche Carrera Cup at the Nürburgring on the same platform as the DTM. Philipp Eng, pole setter on the MRS McLaren in Spielberg last week and his teammate ‘Bill Barazetti’, leader of the Porsche Carrera Cup B championship, were both present. Also the presented race action at the Nürburgring should be hot.

The qualifying on Saturday went below the expectations of both MRS drivers. Both did not align their fastest sector times and therefore did not reach the perfect lap, which is necessary to be at the top. Philipp Eng reached after all P9 for the race on Saturday and a tenth starting position for the race on Sunday. ‘Bill Barazetti’ had to be satisfied with the ninth starting grid row for both races.

The start of the race on Saturday went very well for both MRS drivers. Philipp Eng could work himself forward to the sixth position after a short time, but was busy to keep his opponents behind him. Unnecessarily Philipp was the victim of a false estimation of his colleague Bachler, who was very optimistic guessing the space to overtake. With this adventurous overtaking Bachler hit Eng’s car whereupon both spun. Thus Philipp fell behind on the ninth position and in the very last turn Eng had been involved in another collision and passed the finish line on P10. “The third consecutive race weekend I have been cleared of the track and this time lying on P6. That is really frustrating”, said a very angry Philipp Eng after the race. ‘Bill Barazetti’ had similar bad luck. Lying on P3 in the B championship he was hit very hard by another car, indeed he could drive on, but missed a place on the podium. “I had a very good start and could overtake some opponents. I drove on a very good third position and then through an imprudent overtaking attempt of another driver I spun. Although I missed the podium I won very important points for the championship.”

Also the race on Sunday began promisingly for both MRS drivers. After a very good start Philipp Eng could again work himself on the sixth position, but thereby he lost his front splitter, which has led to heavy under steering. From then on Philipp was under pressure and busy to defend his position. Near the end of the race Philipp was pushed on the grass by an opponent, but rescued himself out of this critical situation with a skillful offroad interlude. This scene was not only rewarded with a spontaneous applause of the spectators, but also with an excellent fifth position. For ‘Bill Barazetti’ the race was quite to his taste. After a good start he worked himself forward to the second position in the B championship and ended up even on tenth. “First thank you to the boys who had a night shift, but it really paid off. The car was very good and I had a good race pace. I could win important points and extend the leadership in the championship. I am very happy.”

Karsten Molitor: „That was for sure a hot weekend where we saw races full of action. After the race on Saturday when Philipp became a victim of an overestimated opponent, we changed our strategy for Sunday. Full attack was the motto that paid off. Hard but fair Philipp arranged his opponents, it is a pity that because of the missing front flap the car was not quite so good. The offroad interlude was very spectacular; respect concerning Philipp’s control of the car, this scene had a high entertainment value. Of course we are happy for ‘Bill’ who still leads the championship and a top 10 position puts the cherry on the cake.”

The German TV channel Sport1 shows the Carrera Cup Highlights on Saturday, 25th of August, from 4.00 to 4.30 pm.

Already this weekend the MRS team will travel on the one hand to the Dutch dune track in Zandvoort for the next race of the Porsche Carrera Cup and on the other hand the McLaren MP4 will start at the ADAC GT Masters weekend at the Lausitzring.

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