Tuesday 9 August 2011

Absolutely eye-catching: The MRS Porsche 997 GT3 R

Absolutely eye-catching: The MRS Porsche 997 GT3 R

Lonsee. Time is ready and team MRS with their newly styled Porsche GT3 R will be facing competition within ADAC GT Masters, at Red Bull Ring, coming weekend.
Two former MRS pilots, Norbert Siedler and Christian Engelhart, will be sharing work behind the wheel. They will be pushing the envelope and fight for their place on the podium, during both runs on Saturday and Sunday.
Especially for their participation in this event of GT Masters, MRS and the “car wrapping specialist” Cam Shaft (www.cam-shaft.de) came up with an eye-caching design. The race car is completely wrapped in matt blue foil, which doesn’t differ from paintwork, even at a closer look.

For more information about ADAC GT Masters visit: www.adac-gt-masters.de
ADAC GT Masters live on kabel eins: Saturday 13. August, 11:45 am - 01:15 pm and Sunday 14. August, 11:45 am - 01:15 pm
SPORT1 ADAC Masters Weekend-Magazin: Saturday 20. August, 01:00 pm - 02:00 pm

Come and take a look at Red Bull ring in Austria 13 and 14 Augustus/ ADAC GT Masters/ Be there.

Photos and Info: MRS/AmigosRacing.

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