Friday 2 March 2012

The Callaway Corvette - the "purest" GT3 racer

The Callaway Corvette - the "purest" GT3 racer

The Corvette by Callaway Competition is an integral part in the ADAC GT Masters. Since its premiere season of "league of super sports car" in 2007, the Giants went with displacement seven-liter V8 engine to date a total of eight victories in 2009 and took the title for Callaway in the team standings. In the most legendary of all American sports car while living a Swabian soul - but the Corvette is by Ernst Wöhr and Giovanni Ciccone with her team in Leingarten developed and built at Heilbronn.

"Our Corvette is probably the 'cleanest' of all current GT3 race car," said team manager Ernst Wöhr. "The ideas are based according to the original, the GT3-class racing continues all our vehicles on modified street cars." A glance into the workshop of Callaway, which are currently two brand new Corvette for the FIA ​​GT Championship season established in 2012, the series will close significantly. Production vehicles to be gutted to the bodyshell and prepared for the construction of racing cars. About three months it takes for a production Corvette, the workshop of Callaway as a racing version of the ADAC GT Masters leave. So far, Callaway built so since 2005, more than 20 racing Corvette that fight now around the globe from Brazil to Australia to victory. "Our philosophy was never possible to sell a lot of race cars," said Wöhr. "We very much value on the close and cordial relationship with our customers and always all of us have built cars in sight."

Callaway is one of the "founding members" of the GT3 class. "When we were in 2005 by the plans of the International Automobile Federation FIA hearing, call the GT3 class in life, has the same aroused our interest and our return to racing moved. The GT3 class provides for the tuner as a perfect platform to to demonstrate competence. " Since entering into the GT3 class, for which Callaway 2005 allied with the Dutch racing veteran Toine Hezemans, is the current Technical Director of Callaway, Mike Gramke, indispensable part of the team.

With the commitment demonstrated in the GT3 class of technicians and body shop Wöhr Ciccone was the second time a good nose since start racing series in the ADAC at Callaway have a certain tradition. Back in 1993 served the ADAC GT Cup with a Callaway Corvette C4 for the two as a springboard into the modern GT racing and led Callaway Competition in the sequel to the legendary endurance classics such as the 24-hour race at Le Mans and Daytona.

Thanks to continuous development and attention to detail of the Callaway Corvette GT3 race cars of the first generation is still a winning car. Every winter, the muscle car of Wöhr and his team will be further improved. Also for the 2012 season can be found at the in-house by Giovanni Ciccone made carbon fiber dress again, many modifications, so that the Corvette is also a word for this season victories in the ADAC GT Masters a say.

The racing expertise Callaway makes its customers now also accessible by road sports car. Under the leadership of Herbert Schürg, the next to today's NASCAR drivers Boris Said III. for the Swabians in 1993 in the legendary black "Lemon Soda" Corvette C4 in the ADAC GT Cup took that offer Leingartner of the "Callaway Sport Club" high-performance parts in the chassis and aerodynamics area. This closes the circle back to Callaway: From road to race track and back on the road.
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