Wednesday 11 January 2012

ADAC GT Masters 2011 with a strong global media presence

ADAC GT Masters 2011 with a strong global media presence

The ADAC ​​GT Masters Championship saw a record starting field of 40 super sports car in the 2011 season, not only in Germany for a lot of attention. Internationally attracted the exciting races, which were attended by riders from 17 different nations, a lot of attention. It took the "league of super sports car" not only on the racetrack, but also set new records in the media.

For the first time global live TV pictures of the ADAC GT Masters
For the first time the ADAC ​​GT Masters Championship season in 2011 was seen live on TV worldwide. A total of eleven different TV channels beamed live or re-live broadcasts of the 16 races in 40 countries out. News, highlights and features around the ADAC GT Masters were twelve television stations broadcast in 72 countries. So had in 2011 a total of 1.93 billion TV viewers around the world to the exciting race of the ADAC GT Masters track.

Also in German-speaking television showed live coverage of the ADAC GT Masters a strong presence. Nearly 63 hours of television pictures from the ADAC GT Masters were broadcast on various TV channels, led by the live TV a cable exclusive partner in the German speaking countries. A cable advertised the live TV broadcasts, on average, more than 250 trailers per race weekend.

Vastly increased coverage in the print press
The great interest in the ADAC GT Masters is also reflected in the print press. Magazines and newspapers with a cumulative circulation of nearly 300 million copies reported in the 2011 season alone around the eight race weekends of the ADAC GT Masters.

The ADAC GT Masters 2012 starts at seven and ADAC Masters Weekend in the ADAC Truck Grand Prix at the Nurburgring for a total of 16 races. The eight events, each with two races are held on all permanent race tracks in Germany and on the Red Bull Ring in Austria and in Zandvoort, Netherlands, and are again shown live on television.

ADAC GT Masters Presse.

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