Wednesday 28 December 2011

We wish you all a marvelous 2012 and may the angels bring to each home peace, love and health, Have a safe and happy time!!

We wish you all a marvelous 2012 and may the angels bring to each home peace, love and health, Have a safe and happy time!!

And Remember:
We can offer complete marketing packages worldwide in a high level market place. Motorsport is a way to show your products and we can guarantee that for sure you will receive the best return on investment, because our products are publicated in the best TV Broadcasting medias of the world. We provide marketing solutions in combination with international motorsport events.

For 2012 race season we can offer packages in:

1- VLN Nürburgring-24 Hour Nürburgring.- Porsche 911 Cup or Porsche GT3-R
2- FIA GT3. Porsche 911 GT3-R
3- GT Masters. Porsche 911GT3-R
4- Porsche Super Sport Cup Porsche 997 CUP
5- 24 Hour Spa Francorchmaps- (FIA GT) Porsche 911 GT3-R
6- 24 Hour Dubai...Porsche 997 CUP and Porsche GT3-R
7- Porsche Mobil1 Super Cup (supporting Formula 1)
8- Porsche Carrera Cup (supporting DTM)
9- 24 Hour Daytona, Dubai, Nurburgring and Spa
10- Blancpain Endurance series

We support the best races with professional coaching and professional teams, also extense media cover. Best marketing with the best return on investment as well as professional teams and drivers to make a complete success for your sponsoring package.

Create Branding and Positioning which is an unenviable job. Marketers must cultivate an asset that is difficult to control, define, measure, or value. Many organizations all but neglect their brand due to such difficulties. However, leading companies have faced these challenges head on, designing strategies to manage brands for profitable growth.

Use different Cummunication Channels. For years we've heard about the declining effectiveness of traditional channels, about the potential of digital and other forms of emerging media. Today, the evidence is clear - digital media is no longer just a curiosity. It needs to be an integral part of the communications mix. But in most organizations, marketers still aren't sure how to take maximum advantage of many communications channels and methods.

We set up the sponsorship strategy and develop a scorecard and provide solutions how to get the most effective value out from top events and sponsorship in the fantastic world of motorsport. Increase your sales and gain competitive advantage based on customized campaigns

Race with Champions, Be a Champion, Race with us!!
We are glad to have you in one of our racing seats....

Contact us, we can make your dreams come true in a TOP professional way.
Molitor Racing Systems/Longsee-Germany

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